The Makerspace of my shop
Technology in recent years has become so impressive that you can turn a space the size of a closet into a mini factory. Granted, you wont be cranking out hundreds of units daily, but if you can design it in CAD - or even find the files among the probably millions available already online, you can print anything that you might want right at home - or at the very least, a scaled-down model. And if you've got a backyard foundry, you can print a model with your 3D printer and then cast it in whatever metal that you/your foundry/your crucible can handle. And then there are other devices that operate based on similar principles like a CNC laser, CNC plasma cutter, CNC router, and CNC milling machine - which have varying degrees of difficulty in building, whether that be due to cost, difficulty in assembling, size restrictions, difficulty acquiring parts, etc. I hope to have each one of those types of machines in my shop. Each one can do a lot to help in a shop.

But enough of my thoughts on the maker subject. I'll explain a little bit about my maker devices, my experience with them, and the modifications/improvements (hopefully at least) that I've made to them - or plan to make.