Wilton 1646
Projects That I'm Working On
I'm usually working on a lot of projects at any given time. This page will serve as basically a Table of Contents
3D Printer Modifications/Add-Ons/Upgrades
One project that I can't imagine there ever being a finish line for is my 3D printer. There's no scenario where I think I would say "I'm done". There will always be some way to make it bigger, faster, print in better detail, print in more materials/colors, more energy efficient, produce less noise, produce less heat, make it more self-contained (pause, adjust, correct an issue, without my presence. Obviously, it being able to so entirely without any input from me would be the ideal version. But remotely being able to check on it, pause it, change settings, and restarting via a webcam with OctoPrint or Duet is a great first step in that direction. Currently, I'm building an enclosure for it with a kind of industrial look via metal sheets covering the surface and then fastened down with screws/washers, and then thick glass (about 1/2" for the side 2 walls and front door, while the back wall will be mirrored. I'm also currently fitting a kraken hotend along with a liquid-cooling system. The kraken was a cheap Chinese generic version (if you have the ability, please support the guys that are actually coming up with these products. In this case, E3D. Because it may be something easy to produce, but very difficult to design - and R&D isn't free. If you're like I was when I bought it, and genuinely can't afford it, please shoot them a donation when you do have the ability), and the water-cooler is a homemade one that actually supports two devices - my printer along with a Chinese 40-watt CO2 laser CNC. And finally, I have four 8mm diameter carbon fiber tubes with a 500mm length each (plenty longer than I need but still as cheap as any shorter length that was still long enough to fit. This way, I can try to enlarge my print surface or just cut down to size. But they are VERY rigid - I was originally worried that they wouldn't be rigid enough, but they seem just fine, and are feather-light. I expect significant improvements as a result of these modifications. If you have any ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. Please visit the discussion forum for this topic, that way, if I'm busy and it takes a minute to respond, hopefully another member can give you an answer in the meantime..
Monochrome EI Core Transformer - DIYShopTools.com
An important tool for any shop that might plug in anything with a questionable electronic circuit. Whether you're building your own circuit, are repairing a circuit, or are just plugging in something old or used - an isolation transformer just might be the difference between success and a disaster. These are prohibitively expensive to buy new, so DIY is the best route IMO. I combined two nearly identical EI core transformers into a single EE core transformer. It actually has FOUR windings: the primary, isolated secondary, and two with multiple outputs of various voltages.
Stick Welder Arc Furnace
This is actually the build that started it all. I really wanted a furnace where I could quickly melt nearly any metal. I also thought it might be handy to have the ability to weld metal parts (though I actually got an Oxyacetylene setup before I finished this). I've seen many of these around the web, and there are plenty that are better built and functionally superior to mine. But what mine offers that those don't is that it actually looks like a welder you might find on the shelf at a hardware store or local welding shop.
Yet another important tool for any shop dealing with electronics. It produces 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. It's built using a 450w ATX power supply that I picked up for $4 at the local thrift shop
Waste Oil Propane Air Oxygen Foundry Burner DIY Project
Like the arc furnace, this is one of the ideas that led me down this rabbit hole of crazy project ideas. My adjustable (0-30psi) propane forced air (also adjustable via a reversed shop vac with speed control knob between it and the outlet) burner. I put this together with almost 0 knowledge on burners/torches/foundries/furnaces based on a few of the most common design propane burners online. But propane is inconvenient/expensive to use regularly in a hot climate. Having the choice of propane and/or waste oil with optional forced air/pure oxygen boost was plenty of motivation for me to build this.