Components To Start A New Project With Or That I Want
In order for me to most efficiently build my projects,  I'm always looking for components and donor objects. Even if I bought a donor device to use parts on a project, there's a good chance that it will have other components that can be used in other builds. And then there are other components that you can just never have enough of - like MOTs and similar style transformers or large motors, capacitor banks, etc. And then sometimes I take a risk on a device that I'm hoping contains a specific component and end up with something else entirely - a good example of this is I've been constantly on the hunt for a large toroidal transformer but have yet to come across a device that contains one. So I figured I would list some crucial components on this page that I've accumulated as well as some that I'm still trying to find in hopes that any readers can give me some ideas of how to use the components that I have or where I can find the ones that I'm looking for. So if you have any ideas, please post them in the forum HERE. Thank you.
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