FDM 3D Printer Project
(Started As Anet A8 On Sale For $150 Delivered)
Completed Upgrades & Modifications
Upgrades & Modifications In Progress
The Process...
My initial plan was to build my own 3D printer from scratch as it seemed logically that it would be the cheapest way to acquire a 3D printer. But as I checked around, I found that the Anet A8 (which is an inexpensive Chinese knockoff of the Prusa i3 - which is my favorite 3D printer, it was just a good bit out of my price range. I also view it as kinda the Model T of 3D printing. It may not be the first 3D printer, but it was the first to make 3D printing possible for the masses. If you can afford it, you wont be disappointed with one of his printers. His slicer/Slic3r program is also top notch IMO. If you're not familiar with the names "Josef Prusa" or "RepRap", do yourself a favor and look them up) was cheaper to buy and assemble the kit than it would have been to buy all of the parts and build my own.